Ford Servicing

Having your Ford serviced regularly at one of our Dealers can help to maintain its efficiency, improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions. This also helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and can save you money.

A scheduled service can help in the following ways:

Using the correct oil and changing it at the correct intervals
Infrequent oil changes or using the wrong type of oil can increase CO2 emissions, as well as shortening the life expectancy of your engine. We use the most fuel-efficient oil suitable for your vehicle, providing up to 3% improved fuel economy*. Of course, you may already be achieving these savings if you’re using the correct oil and changing it at the right time.

* Based on using a Ford WSS-M2C913-C, ACEA A5/B5 5W-30 oil compared with ACEA reference oil RL 191 (15W-40)

Accurate tyre pressures
Did you know that 44% of all UK cars are running with under-inflated tyres?
The tyre pressure gauges used by Ford are extremely accurate and guarantee your tyre pressures are set correctly. 25% too low tyre pressure reduces fuel efficiency by 2%. Having the correct tyre pressure can save you up to £37 on fuel per year**.

** Based on a customer driving 12,000 miles/yr in a vehicle achieving 34mpg at a cost of £0.969 per litre of fuel

Air filter check
During your scheduled service we check the condition of the air filter to ensure it is functioning correctly. Blocked filters cause the engine to work harder and therefore increase its CO2 emissions.
Vehicle servicing by Raglan Ford
Like any vehicle, your Ford needs servicing regularly to keep it in the best condition and to help maintain its value. We employ Ford-trained technicians, use Ford-specific tools and the latest computerised diagnostic equipment designed specifically for your Ford. We only use original Ford parts, engineered to fit and perform perfectly with your vehicle.
Every Ford Service now comes with up to one year of Roadside Assistance
Every Ford Service now comes with roadside assistance cover for one year or until your next service is due. Servicing starts from £99 for a Ford Value Service.
A choice of ways to pay for servicing and maintenance
We offer several different payment plans, to help you budget  for servicing your vehicle.

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